Get It Right! Where To Go for the Right Care, at the Right Time



Your first option: Your PCP
For most illnesses and injuries, your primary care physician’s (PCP’s) office should be the first place you call when you need care. You might get an appointment for later that day. You may be given advice for self-care. Your doctor could call in a prescription to your drugstore. You can even call at night or on weekends.
Examples: Throat, ear, respiratory or eye infections. Colds and
flu. Skin problems. Mild asthma symptoms. Stomach viruses.

Your next option: Urgent Careambulance-1440939
If you cannot get in to see your doctor, you could go to an urgent care center. Urgent care centers take walk-in patients. They treat many kinds of illnesses and injuries. They can perform some kinds of diagnostic tests. Many urgent care centers are open at night and
on weekends.
Examples: Same as PCP, plus sprains or minor broken bones.
Cuts requiring stitches. Moderate asthma or diabetes symptoms
needing quick treatment.


For true emergencies: Call 911 emergency-99143_960_720
or go to a hospital emergency room. Emergency rooms are for major medical emergencies only. Go there only when you think your illness or injury could result in death or disability if not treated right away. Examples: Signs of stroke or heart attack. Uncontrolled bleeding. Serious pregnancy complications. Major asthma or diabetes symptoms.

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